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Today we said goodbye to Las Vegas. After a last breakfast at the Buffet we packed our bags, checked out – and on it went. Temperatures were at 29°C yet, the way wasn’t too far today. First we had to find the way out of Las Vegas, and then the road went straightaway thru the desert. After nearly one and a half hours we turned towards Bullhead City, Arizona.

In the direct adjacent Laughlin, Nevada, there is an Outlet Center where we have been already at former trips. This one was found quite fast, and we started our shopping tour. The temperatures had already risen to 37°C… Finally we arrived in the Levis outlet where some of us luckily found some adequate clothes.

Back in the car we took a short side trip to the Davis Dam. Unfortunately the road over the dam was closed, so we could only visit it while driving along. Ok, so we went on for today’s destination, Needles in California. At 40°C already… We didn’t need long anymore, about 40 minutes, and then we arrived at the motel. The heat had come with us, and it should stay for some more days.

We spent the time with some organizational things – motel bookings for the next days, took some rest, and then we went out for diner to Denny’s. Today we all were happy again; and while eating we watched the sheriff who handcuffed someone in front of the Denny’s and put him into his car. After the diner, back at the motel, some of us went to the pool – the water temperature was about 10° lower than the air temperature, but that didn’t bother anyone. In the meantime it had become dark, so we went back to our rooms and enjoyed an easy evening.


Did you notice it – today’s tour wasn’t very far but took us through 3 states – Nevada, Arizona and California?

This day we exceptionally didn’t take any pictures.