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After some of our party perhaps didn’t behave themselves reasonably at night and got a visit by the police therefore those weren’t well-rested this morning. We enjoyed the motel breakfast anyway.

The temperatures should rise up to 41° Celsius today so we didn’t want to undertake something stressful today. A shopping and resting day was on today therefore. First we drove to a mall in Fresno, but this was still closed. So we entered the highway and drove southbound where we had spotted another mall yesterday. After about 20 minutes we reached the exit. First we had a look into a One-Dollar-Shop, but there wasn’t something really useful. Then we went to a WalMart where we found some odds and ends. Temperatures had reached 40° Celsius in between, so it was much more comfortable inside than outside.

Now we wanted to pay a Toyota dealer on the other side of the road a short information visit, but this turned out to be a small car dealership with a lot of brands, so we decided to reschedule this for San Francisco. We drove back to Fresno and stopped at a Starbucks. The coffee was well and made all the tired people awake again, fit for the next mall.

This took place at the other side of the street. A big mall as one expects here in America, with all kinds of shops. We looked here and there, and some things we found. One shop had clearance sale and offered all goods with at least 40% off and tax-free. In any case we could spend our time well and at comfortable temperatures this way.

After some shopping time we felt a little hungry, so we headed for the snack area. And we found something for lunch there. Then we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon at the motel and the motel pool. What especially made our “water rat” happy… After about an hour by and in the water we went to our air-conditioned rooms – outside there was not a gentle breeze what made the heat even more suffocating.

So we spent an easy Sunday afternoon before going to the HomeTown Buffet for dinner. There we filled our bellies – and decided afterwards to never again go to a buffet (if this will work?)

After returning to the motel we rearranged some baggage to save time later before flying home. Then we spent our last night in Fresno before going to the last station of our tour tomorrow.


This day we exceptionally didn’t take any pictures.