Here we want to tell you something about our hobbies. We don’t need to mention traveling again – there we have separate pages for.


For a long time photography is one of Ronny’s hobbies. When I was a child it started with small compact cameras. In young age I bought my first SLR, a Praktica MTL-5B, which I owned for a long time. It made really good pictures! In the mid of the 90s it was replaced by a Canon EOS100. (Some pictures on this site were made with this camera. Unfortunately the quality suffered pretty much from scanning – but I want to have some room for improvement.) Around 2001 it was supplemented by my first digital camera, for starting a compact HP Photosmart 318. This has been replaced by a Canon S50 comparatively fast. And then came the time to replace both cameras – the analog SLR and the digital compact camera – by just one. I opted for a Canon EOS-20D which was a very valuable camera for many years. At the beginning of 2012 time had come to pay tribute to the technical progress, and now I call a Canon EOS-7D my own.

In our Photo Gallery you’ll find some selected pictures (besides the travel pictures) – have fun while viewing!


As already stated on the “About us” page another one of our hobbies is music, especially from the 80s, and in particular Depeche Mode. We are fans since ages – and Jennifer’s also starting to be like that...


If we are traveling our home country we mostly do this by our own car – and driving cars is another thing we like very much. For some years we are enthusiastic members of the X3-Treff – a bulletin board around the BMW X3. Here we’ve got to know a lot of nice people, and some true friendships result from it.


Furthermore both Jennifer and Ronny are regularly going in for judo at the TSV Altenfurt, Jennifer does it as competitive sports in the meantime, Ronny as trainer, and besides his profession Ronny likes to work with computers in his spare time – for instance to design this website.